Sunday, July 10, 2011

Poo Poo

So much of my life lately has been aligned with the stand up comedy of Bill Cosby.  Changing diapers is no different.


When Jordan was first born, we kept track every time he dirtied a diaper.  If he pee’d we noted it BUT if he went Poo Poo…..We celebrated.  We would high five.  We would sing…Look at the Poo Poo…how cute…the Poo Poo!  Well I must say it was cute in the beginning but the Poo Poo is no longer cute.   It looks different, almost unearthly and somewhere along the way God put stink in the Poo Poo (and yes, I realize it is only going to get worse.)   But now we no longer rejoice…it is no longer look at the Poo Poo….It is now..Jordan, oh look what you done…..the Poo Poo!