Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Simpler Things In Life

This past weekend we decided to escape the heat and take Jordan on his first road trip.  A cruise up the 87 was in store.  We decided to hit Payson…just about an hour and a half north of the valley and a few thousand feet higher in elevation.  It was beautiful up there.  Tall pines. Fresh air.  Beautiful.  While it was 110 + here, it was only in the low 90s there during the day; 70 at night…..what a treat (for us).  We went to the rodeo (pic below).  We spent the night “socializing” with some great people.   But more importantly we really thought about the simpler things in life and where we wanted to be raising Jordan and his future siblings.  We both come from much smaller areas than this valley and sometimes we really miss the slower pace.    The fresh air.  The land.  All the great things we both remember being able to do as a kid.


I will leave it at this.  Only time will tell if we are Phoenix for life or if we are headed to greener pastures and the simpler things in life….

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